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Why 6 Degrees? Because there are no separations; there are only connections. Car il est temps.

ICC Board of Directors

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson
ICC Co-Chair, Canada's 26th Governor General
John Ralston Saul
ICC Co-Chair, Award-winning essayist and novelist, President Emeritus of PEN International
Martin Katz
ICC Secretary, President and Founder, Prospero Pictures
Upkar Arora
Managing Director and Co- Founder, Illumina Partners
Winston S. L. Kassim
Special Projects Advisor, Office of the CEO, Royal Bank of Canada
Lesley Kim
Kim Family Foundation
Ruth Ramsden-Wood
Past President and CEO, United Way of Calgary
Irfhan Rawji
Principal, Totem Capital Corporation
Khalil Shariff
Chief Executive Officer, Aga Khan Foundation Canada
Niigaan Sinclair
Associate Professor & Acting Head, Department of Native Studies, University of Manitoba
Andreas Souvaliotis
Founder and CEO, CARROT

Our Team / Notre Équipe

Charlie Foran
Alain Pescador
Director, 6 Degrees, ICC
Leith Bishop
Managing Director, Programs and Partnerships, ICC
Kimberley Gadwah
Head of Development, ICC
Deena Douara
Communications and Marketing Manager, 6 Degrees, ICC
Aisha Jarrah
Associate Producer, 6 Degrees, ICC
Portia Biswas
Development Associate, ICC

6 Degrees Young Advisors

Roberto Alvarez
Safiah Chowdhury
Bailey Greenspon
Nir Kumar
Emiliano Mendez
Kumaran Nadesan
Mounir Nasri
Abra Rissi
Braden Root-McCaig
Thilo Schaefer
Emma Stanton
Shivanu Thiyagarajah