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Author Adam Gopnik to deliver 17th LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture

Author Adam Gopnik to deliver 17th LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture
Tickets to see best-selling author at 6 Degrees Toronto are now on sale

TORONTO, June 25, 2019 — 6 Degrees, the global forum for inclusion, announces that Adam Gopnik will headline its signature opening lecture, the LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture on September 24, at the  TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning, Koerner Hall, in Toronto. A project of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, 6 Degrees is centered around connection, conversation, and action.

“I’m so proud to be coming to 6 Degrees Toronto to deliver the 17th LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture”, said Gopnik. “Questions of identity and citizenship are more urgent than ever, and we must explore the tension between our local and global selfhoods. What’s shared and what’s specific? What do we owe our neighbours and what do we owe ourselves?”

Adam Gopnik is a celebrated author and speaker. He has been exploring “small L” liberalism and its actors for his entire career, including in The New Yorker, and his new book, A Thousand Small Sanities: The Moral Adventure of Liberalism. It has been heralded by reviewers for its relevance in a time that democratic and inclusive values are under threat. Gopnik promises to question, illuminate, and serve as an antidote to the rising tide of nationalism here and around the world. The 17th LaFontaine-Baldwin lecture will also feature Gopnik in conversation with celebrated author and thinker, John Ralston Saul.

“I can’t think of a more urgent time and a better person to be rethinking, rediscovering, reinventing the concept of the engaged citizen, the citizen who understands what it means to be inclusive”, said Institute for Canadian Citizenship’s co-founder and co-chair John Ralston Saul. “Adam Gopnik will bring his international eye and his deep commitment to the idea of democracy as a shared project. These are the forces which drove LaFontaine and Baldwin and can drive us today.”

Since 2000, the LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture has gathered Canadians to reflect on democracy, citizenship, and the public good. Established by John Ralston Saul, the series honours the leaders of Canada’s first democratic movement, Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin. 6 Degrees Toronto has hosted the signature lecture for the past three years. Past LaFontaine-Baldwin speakers include Beverly McLaughlin, His Highness the Aga Khan, Naomi Klein, Naheed Nenshi, and Sheila Watt-Cloutier.

Tickets to 6 Degrees Toronto, including the LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture, are available here. 6 Degrees, the global forum for inclusion, brings people together from around the world to challenge assumptions and find solutions and actions to counter growing divisions in society. A project of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, we connect and empower global citizens with real tools to push for inclusion, diversity, and citizen resilience. This year, 6 Degrees Toronto will take place September 23–25 at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning, Koerner Hall.

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About Adam Gopnik
Adam Gopnik has been writing for The New Yorker since 1986. During his more than 30 years at the magazine, he has written hundreds of essays, from personal memoirs to reviews and profiles, along with much reporting from abroad, fiction, humour and art criticism. His most recent book, A Thousand Small Sanities: The Moral Adventure of Liberalism, explores the crisis of democracy in our era and champions liberalism and the belief in the “infinity of small effects”. Gopnik has won the National Magazine Award for Essays and for Criticism three times, as well as the George Polk Award for Magazine Reporting. In March of 2013, Gopnik was awarded the medal of Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Republic. Two months later, he received a honoris causa from his alma mater, McGill University and that same year also received an honorary doctorate from the Rhode Island School of Design. Born in Philadelphia and raised in Montreal, Gopnik lives in New York with his wife, Martha Parker, and their two children, Luke and Olivia.


About the Institute for Canadian Citizenship
Powered by a passionate and committed global network, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) is an organization focused on creating inclusive conversations, communities, and societies. Our mission is to inspire, connect, and empower people to join us in that work. Partnering with iconic cultural institutions and local communities, we bring new and established Canadians together to share their stories at more than 75 special citizenship ceremonies each year. Our Canoo app is unique in the world, offering every new Canadian citizen free access to more than 1400 cultural attractions during their first year of citizenship. 6 Degrees, the global forum for inclusion, extends the reach of the ICC’s work through a global conversation on inclusion and citizenship in the 21st century. The Institute for Canadian Citizenship is a national charity co-founded by the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul.

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