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Farewell to 2017, but a big hello to 2018!

Thank you friends and supporters of 6 Degrees for helping to make 2017 such an extraordinary year.  Here’s a snapshot of 6 Degrees at two years old, and what we’re looking forward to in the coming year (spoiler alert: there’s a lot to keep up with – we recommend signing up for 6 Degrees Updates, or following us on social media).

Livetalks – #TalkingInclusion

6 Degrees continued its partnership with the 19 Million Project to convene live Twitter conversations on pressing migration issues. Past videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

Inclusion: A Lifeline to Innovation

Huda Idrees6 Degrees and This is Worldtown convened young leaders for a panel at Ryerson University’s Changemakers North of the Border symposium to discuss how inclusion often drives innovation, and what steps we can take to ensure startups remain resilient against threats to inclusion. Read more

6 Degrees Den Haag: Rise of the Citizen

Shortly after the Dutch election, 6 Degrees Den Haag was our first attempt at taking the initiative beyond our borders. We were invited by Deputy Mayor Rabin Baldewsingh to discuss active citizenship, economic inclusion, refugees and belonging with the gathering of globally minded Dutch and European voices. Read more

6 Degrees Vancouver: Are You Home?

In what felt like our most theatrical and intimate setting yet, a full house packed into a darkened room illuminating the bright 6 Degrees stage in the centre. Intimate conversations were spurred by our central thematic focus of what it means to be truly at peace, and truly at home. Read more

Teaching for Inclusion

Ontario Education Minister Mitzie Hunter joined ICC board member Andreas Souvaliotis in a conversation about the crucial role played by educators in helping to create more inclusive societies, where more work needs to be done in Ontario’s education system, and how she takes inspiration from the students she meets. The evening was organized by the 6 Degrees Young Advisors and the Banff Forum, Toronto chapter.

6 Degrees Citizen Space 2017: Walls, Bridges, Homes

Our second annual 6 Degrees Citizen Space, held in Toronto in September, launched with a powerful ICC community citizenship ceremony and incorporated a strong Indigenous dimension, a dynamic youth presence, an ambitious artistic undertaking, and perspectives from Québécois activists.

While 6 Degrees believes in the power of language and dialogue, we also believe in action. That’s why we launched two research reports that help fuel the culture of inclusion through practical insights and suggestions, and why we’re supporting 12 Junior Fellows who are creating impact in communities around the world. It’s also why we invited organizations like MSF Canada, CivicAction and Access Now to lead exchange sessions.

If you missed it (or you just miss it), watch our aftermovie, featuring Ai Weiwei, Margaret Atwood, Kent Monkman, Michael Sandel, Kiku Adatto and Hadeel Ibrahim. Read some of our key takeaways here.

3,000 Attendees  |  60 Speakers and performers   |  130 Organizations  |  25 Countries

360: Propelling Youth Employment in the GTA

Speakers, civic leaders, and the 6 Degrees-Toronto Pearson Youth Cohort gathered to discuss the challenges of youth employment in the Greater Toronto Area, beginning with intimate conversations and concluding with an all-encompassing, interactive 360 session with our invited experts. Read more

Coming up in 2018

We trust 6 Degrees will be bigger and bolder than ever in 2018, with special events planned for Vancouver this winter, then Calgary and Europe in the spring, and of course, our annual three-day international 6 Degrees Citizen Space in Toronto, September 24-26. We hope you’ll join us in our ambitions of bringing more young, racialized, marginalized, and Indigenous voices to our circle for important and urgent discussions on inclusion and citizenship.

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