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What is 6 Degrees?

The inaugural ‘citizen space’ gathering presented by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC)

September 19-21, Toronto

Is there a more globally urgent issue in 2016 than how to create inclusive societies? 

The world is in crisis.  We thought we were heading towards more inclusive societies. Instead, we are at risk of regressing to cruder, more exclusionary definitions of what constitutes a country. With this comes the probability of relations fracturing among communities of every sort. Europe, under pressure, is closing its borders and declaring ‘multiculturalism’ a failure. Canada, often thought of as the home of multiculturalism, has a very different idea from Europe of what that concept means and how it works. The United States is flirting with forces that want to put up walls. Other countries aren’t even struggling with the complexities of immigration.  Or rather, they aren’t yet, having maintained a 19th century-style of nationalist policies that include keeping their borders rigorously sealed.  But will those seals hold much longer?  Doubtful.

6 Degrees, a two day, three night ‘citizen space’ to be held in Toronto each September, will address the headline that is on the front page of all our lives. It will put on the table the most difficult challenges and the great opportunities we are facing together. 6 Degrees will involve the brightest minds and the boldest methods.  It will bring thinkers, doers, artists, politicians, and civil society leaders together in order to get them talking about what is really happening in the world. Using a socially innovative style of forum, we will attempt to recast old ideas and language that are failing, and propose radical, practical concepts and solutions.