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What’s Next? Final session of 6 Degrees Citizen Space 2017

6 Degrees Citizen Space brings together some of the best and brightest artists, activists, journalists and students with the idea that everyone is a participant and all voices are equal. In the final, reflective 360 session, six witnesses were asked to share their thoughts on what they saw and heard over the prior three days to discuss the next steps. This interactive session was opened to the floor so all in attendance could also share their thoughts on where to go from here, and how we can all continue to expand the circle of inclusion. Host Abdul-Rehman Malik was joined by witnesses Asad Chishti, Nassira El Moaddem, Emma Gilchrist, Tyler Morden, Will Prosper, Coral Salvador Soy and Craig Damian Smith. Here were their top contentions:

Top three calls to action:

  1. Attend the Indian Residential School System Legacy Structure unveiling on October 10, 2018 at Nathan Phillips Square to celebrate and honour Residential School survivors.
  2. Accept that we all have a responsibility to disrupt the status quo, claim our right to be, and not ask permission in doing so.
  3. Affirm “global citizenship” as an idea that values unity in diversity and implies a greater responsibility to our human family.

Witness Statements

Power of disruptive narratives – Emma Gilchrist

Confront systemic problems with grassroots global solutions – Coral Salvador Soy

What are we willing to sacrifice? – Asad Chisti

Harness the productive energy of discomfort – Craig Damian Smith

Create unlikely conversations – Nassira El Moaddem

Colonialism is a helluva drug – Will Prosper