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6 Degrees Toronto (September 23-25, 2019)

Three ways to inspire more global activism | Caro Loutfi, Aude Favre, Nanjala Nyabola,

Five questions with…. retired Lt.-Gen Roméo Dallaire | Eva Salinas,

El general canadiense Roméo Dallaire, premio a la Ciudadanía Global (Canadian General Roméo Dallaire, Global Citizenship Award) | EFE News Agency,

Cantante Pambo dice que “la mejor forma de hacer activismo es con el ejemplo” (Singer Pambo says that “the best way to do activism is by example”) | EFE News Agency

Romeo Dallaire receives humanity award | Florent Magnifique Hirwa, the New Times

Visible Minorities Keen to Engage Online Despite Untruths | Ranjit Bhaskar, New Canadian Media

‘It’s an international emergency and I think we have to recognize it’: Adam Gopnik on modern threats to democracy | Matt Galloway, Metro Morning 

Adam Gopnik on the fate of liberal democracy in the Trump era | Michael Enright, The Sunday Edition 

S’intéresser à la lutte aux fausses nouvelles de l’autre côté de l’océan | Radio Canada

We examine the legacy of former French president Jacques Chirac, who has died aged 86. Plus: ‘New Yorker’ writer Adam Gopnik on attempts to impeach Donald Trump, Israel’s election and Monocle’s ‘The Entrepreneurs’. | Monocle

6 Degrees Calgary (March 14, 2019)

CJSW 90.9FM limited run podcast series:

Opinion: Canadians agree — Arts and culture fosters inclusion and belonging | Calgary Herald

6 Degrees Berlin (November 12, 2018)

We need ‘a new coalition of decency’ against populism | Elizabeth Grenier, Deutsche Welle

„Wir dürfen den Populisten nicht das Feld überlassen“ (“We must not leave the field to the populists) | Julius Stucke, Deutschlandfunk Kultur

6 Degrees Toronto 2018 (September 24–26)

Margaret Atwood honoured with Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship | Brad Wheeler, the Globe and Mail

Tyranny comes and goes, but Margaret Atwood and Adrienne Clarkson’s friendship is for the ages | Vinay Menon, Toronto Star

‘We have to have some people give up power’: A conversation about race, privilege and making space | CBC Unreserved

Costume Designer for The Handmaid’s Tale | CBC Metro Morning

Ijeoma Oluo continues talking about race outside the United States | Kelly Boutsalis, NOW magazine

The Borders of Liberal Democracy | The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO

An Anti-Nationalist MayorThe Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO

Divided We Stand | The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO

Patricia Cano, la canadiense-peruana que triunfa cantando en cinco idiomas
(Patricia Cano, the Peruvian-Canadian that triumphs singing in 5 languages) | Julio Rivas, EFE news agency

Foro 6 Grados quiere crear un movimiento global de sociedades inclusivas
(6 Degrees wants to create a global movement of inclusive societies) | Julio Rivas, EFE news agency

Three ways to rethink the concept of citizenship | john powell, Renata Ávila, and Jai Sahak,

6 Degrees Calgary: Towards Resilience (April 10, 2018)

Six Degrees Calgary wants your radical ideas about inclusion and diversity  | Stephen Hunt, CBC

Calgary forum focuses on inclusion  | Audrey Whelan, 660 News

6 Degrees Citizen Space 2017 (September 2527)

The Globe and Mail essay series:

Making a home on native land: The welcoming way to be Canadian | Adrienne Clarkson

Indigenous nationhood can save the world. Here’s how | Niigaan Sinclair

The bridges Canada must build, right here at home | John Ralston Saul

I stopped talking to white people about race. Here’s what I learned | Reni Eddo-Lodge

Rethinking the walls that divide us | Charlie Foran

Rebuilding home as an ethical space | Emilie Nicolas

All of Us: What We Mean When We Talk about Inclusion (report):

On the Front Lines of Diversity and Inclusion: Canadian Employers | RBC

Promoting diversity and inclusion, and how to tell the difference | Neil McLaughlin, The Globe and Mail

Are Workplaces in Halton and Beyond Doing Enough for Diversity and Inclusion? | Christine Sharma,

Canadian employers step forward on diversity, fall short on inclusion: RBC report |

Les employeurs canadiens savent que la diversité et l’inclusion sont rentables, mais ils n’en tirent pas profit | Radio Canada International

15th LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture, with Michael Sandel:

Why democracy depends on how we talk to each other | CBC Ideas

Toronto a ‘shining example’ of pluralism and diversity, says 6 Degrees Citizen Space speaker | Morgan Bocknek, The Globe and Mail

The Failure of Liberal Politics | TVO, The Agenda with Steve Paikin (interview with Michael Sandel)

People are hungry for public discourse on equality, says Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel | CBC, The Current

Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship, presented to Ai Weiwei:

Six things we learned from Ai Weiwei’s rare appearance in Toronto | Blair Mlotek,

Ai Weiwei on refugees, empathy and the ‘miracle’ of the internet | Jessica Wong, CBC

Ai Weiwei praises Canada for having a ‘very open attitude’ towards refugees | Cassandra Szklarski, CTV News

L’artiste chinois Ai Weiwei loue le role du Canada dans l’accueil des réfugiés | Radio Canada

‘Human crisis’: Ai Weiwei’s documentary showcases plight of refugees | CBC, The Current

Ai Weiwei visits Toronto for the first time | CBC Radio, Metro Morning

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei visits Canada to accept award | CBC TV, The National

Ai Weiwei, an artist in exile, turns to the refugee crisis | Brian D. Johnson,

Ai Weiwei on the need for humanity in the world’s refugee crisis | The National Post

Artist Ai Weiwei to receive Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship | Miriam Katawazi, The Globe and Mail

Ai Weiwei on global resistance and the transformative power of art | CBC Radio, Writers and Company

Ai Weiwei, in Toronto: Freedom of speech is the foundation of creativity | Lattin Magazine

A delicate balance | Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail

Face aux réfugiés, Ai Weiwei invoque l’humanité | Cassandra Szklarski, Métro (La Presse canadienne)

Ai Weiwei is coming | Art Matters Blog

Artist Ai Weiwei to receive Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship | New Perspective (print only)

More coverage:

Lauren Heuser: Canada owes highly educated immigrants a level playing field | National Post

31 Trips to Jump-Start Your New Year’s Resolutions | enRoute

Walls that need to go: Ideas for a more inclusive world, by Abdul-Rehman Malik, Josephine Goube, Sara Alavian, Ramzi Jaber, Robin Jones and Conor McGlynn |

Fighting populism: How to rebuild spaces for constructive public discourse | Latifa Abdin,

Life-saving rescue station for migrants among ideas showcased at Toronto conference | Nicholas Keung, Toronto Star

Meet Canada’s 1st female Indigenous surgeon (video) | CTV News

First Nation, First Surgeon (video) | TVO, The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Why journalist Reni Eddo-Lodge is no longer talking to white people about race | CBC, The Current

Six Degrees | CBC Radio, Metro Morning (interview with Adrienne Clarkson)

Fabrice Vil: Pour 3 Points | Radio Canada, L’heure de pointe

Conferenza 6 Degrees Citizen Space a Toronto | OMNI TV (Italian)

Why one woman is no longer talking to white people about race | CTV, Your Morning

Facebook live with Kent Monkman | Kent Monkman’s new painting is a 24ft confrontation with colonialism — and he walked us through it | CBC Arts

Kent Monkman prepares to debut his largest painting yet | Rosemary Heather, NOW Magazine

One on One with Canadian Artist Kent Monkman | Dominique Lamberton, enRoute

Tête-à-tête avec l’artiste canadien Kent Monkman | Dominique Lamberton, enRoute

Vers la création d’une société plus inclusive | CBC Radio Canada, Le café show

6 Degrees Toronto: the urgent need to rethink a more inclusive world | Juan Gavasa, Lattin Magazine

Why the world needs more global citizens | The Conversation

La réussite canadienne est le résultat de l’histoire | L’Express

The fast lane: My plan to make Canada great again | Financial Times (subscription only)

Espace citoyen 6 degrés bâtit des ponts et abat des murs | Canadian Baha’I News Service

6 Degrees Highlights posts:

Highlights from the 15th LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture with Michael Sandel

Highlights from 360: Walls, 6 Degrees Citizen Space

Highlights from 360: Bridges, 6 Degrees Citizen Space

Highlights from 360: Homes, 6 Degrees Citizen Space

Highlights from the Leadership Lunch for the 6 Degrees Youth Initiatives

Highlights from the Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship with Ai Weiwei

6 Degrees Vancouver (April 24, 2017)

Kirk LaPoint speaks with Adrienne Clarkson | Roundhouse Radio

6 Degrees Vancouver aims to heighten inclusion and propose radical and practical solutions | Charlie Smith, The Georgia Straight

Sense of Place interviews Janet and Alain | Roundhouse Radio

“We’re very worried about the future”: Adrienne Clarkson | CBC News, Early Edition

Conversation about race, identity must come out into the open, Adrienne Clarkson says | CBC News

Are You Home (Day-of coverage with interviews) | Jimmy Fabro, BCIT Magazine

6 Degrees Den Haag (April 3, 2017)

Internationale conferentie over inclusiviteit in Vredespaleis

6 degrees conferentie (video)


6 degrees conferentie over diversiteit, immigratie en populisme (filmpje), Den Haag Direct

The Rise of the Citizen | Divers Den Haag

6 Degrees Den Haag | Common Action Forum

6 Degrees conference in Vredespaleis | Cineac Den Haag (video)

6 Degrees Citizen Space 2016 (September 1921)

Globe and Mail essay series:

Canada’s Multiculturalism: A circle, ever edging outwards | John Ralston Saul

Indigenous languages are vital to telling Canada’s story | Adrienne Clarkson

Canada’s identity is an experiment in the process of being realized | Charles Foran

Integral to Canada’s economy, immigrants deserve more support | John Ralston Saul

In making room for others, we make room for ourselves—and for Canada | Adrienne Clarkson

There are few things less Canadian than hatred and fear | Charles Foran

Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship, presented to H.H. The Aga Khan:

Aga Khan wins Global Citizenship prize at 6 Degrees | Megan Dolski, Toronto Star

Aga Khan receives Prize for Global Citizenship | Dhaka Tribune

More Coverage:

6 Degrees forum in Toronto to focus on Canadian citizenship, diversity | Julien Gignac, The Globe and Mail

Immigration is a net economic benefit – this is a story Canada should build on | Bessma Momani, The Globe and Mail

Every day, immigrants are busting myths and building Canada | Marcus Gee, The Globe and Mail

Why Mexico needs more Canada, according to Denise Dresser | Marina Jiminez, Toronto Star

Where does religion fit into Canada’s pluralism model? | Geoffrey Cameron,

Five questions with Jennifer Welsh, Canada’s 2016 Massey lecturer | Catherine Tsalikis,

Pluralism Policies That Work: A call for more radical thinking” by Kamal Al-Solaylee, Mathieu Lefevre, Luis Larrain, Ratina Omidvar, Richard Van Der Laken, Bessma Momani, Pete Sweetnam, Madeleine Redfern, Naheed Nenshi |

A Tribe Called Red set to perform at Goldring Centre | Lisa Power, The Varsity

Confronting contradictions: Takeaways from Naomi Klein’s lecture on intersectional justice | Ibnul Chowdhury

Air Canada backs ‘Six Degrees’ inaugural conference in Toronto |