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6 Degrees is the global forum for inclusion.

6 Degrees is a project of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC). For a full listing of the ICC team, click here.

ICC Board of Directors

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson
26th Governor General of Canada
John Ralston Saul
President Emeritus of PEN International
Michel de la Chenelière
Founder, Chenelière Éducation, Fondation de la Chenelière
Martin Katz
President and Founder, Prospero Pictures
Zai Mamdani
Co-founder and Owner, Strategic Group
Irfhan Rawji
Principal, Totem Capital Corporation
Khalil Shariff
Chief Executive Officer, Aga Khan Foundation Canada
Niigaan Sinclair
Associate Professor & Acting Head, Department of Native Studies, University of Manitoba
Andreas Souvaliotis
Founder and CEO, CARROT Insights

Our Team / Notre Équipe

Roberto Esteban Alvarez
Partnerships Lead
Phillip Chalk
Program Coordinator

6 Degrees Young Advisors

Roberto Alvarez
Safiah Chowdhury
Bailey Greenspon
Nir Kumar
Emiliano Mendez
Kumaran Nadesan
Mounir Nasri
Abra Rissi
Braden Root-McCaig
Thilo Schaefer
Emma Stanton
Shivanu Thiyagarajah