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6 Degrees is the global forum for inclusion. A project of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, we bring people together from around the world, challenge assumptions, and find solutions and actions to counter growing divisions in society. 6 Degrees connects and empowers global citizens with real tools to push for inclusion, diversity, and citizen resilience.

Speaker lineup 
Full program 

Join us over three immersive days for connection, conversation, and action, featuring:

– Unique, transformative conversations in our five signature 360 sessions
– Tactical change-making opportunities in multidisciplinary exchanges
– Marquee speaker evenings with globally recognized leaders at the LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture and the Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship
– More than 40 featured speakers, including influential international voices and high-profile local leaders
– Ample opportunities throughout 6 Degrees for you to influence the conversations and action
– Coalition and capacity building with grassroots activists, artists, change-makers, and leaders from governments and businesses from around the world
– Multiple cultural and artistic interventions and performances
– Real tools and action on the most pressing issues of our time

Previous speakers include artist and activist, Ai Weiwei; writers Margaret Atwood, Ijeoma Oluo and Naomi Klein; rapper and broadcaster, Shad; WikiLeaks lawyer, Renata Avíla; philosophers Michael Sandel and Yascha Mounk; Mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis; former Director of Al Jazeera, Wadah Khanfar; His Highness the Aga Khan; and many more.

Why 6 Degrees? Why Now?

These are challenging times — politically, socially, and economically. Disempowerment from misinformation, unprecedented political shifts, and the erosion of trust in institutions have resulted in division and a loss of agency. Our right and ability to participate in civic life, at the core of the human experience, is under threat.

The urgency of this threat demands a fundamental shift in the way we approach information, relationships, and action. Our mission is to reclaim the idea of active citizenship, create tools to build citizen resilience to recognize disinformation and manipulation, and come together to reject division and embrace inclusion.