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6 Degrees Den Haag highlights

On April 3, 2017, 6 Degrees flew 6,000 kilometres to host its second event, in partnership with the Municipality of The Hague. We were honoured to be invited to the Netherlands by Deputy Mayor Rabin Baldewsingh for 6 Degrees Den Haag, following his attendance at 6 Degrees Citizen Space 2016. Baldewsingh felt our conversation would be powerful in the wake of extremely contentious national elections that brought immigration and race issues to the forefront.

The one-day forum saw about 250 engaged guests come together for lively debate and exchange to address the central challenge of our time – how to build more inclusive societies. Our esteemed framers included Rabin Baldewsingh, Sunny Bergman, Jennifer Welsh, Niigaan Sinclair, Simon Kuper, Richard van der Laken, Emilie Nicolas, Zabeen Hirji, Geert Mak, Khalid Ouaziz and Katherine Watson.

We are grateful to the Municipality of The Hague, Deputy Mayor Rabin Baldewsingh, the Canadian Embassy, and our amazing supporters who traveled from across Europe and Canada to take part. For full programming details, visit 6 Degrees Den Haag.

Read Aisha Jarrah’s first-person account of the event here, and learn why Deputy Mayor Baldewsingh says he changed policy because of 6 Degrees here.




Internationale conferentie over inclusiviteit in Vredespaleis

6 degrees conferentie (video)


6 degrees conferentie over diversiteit, immigratie en populisme (filmpje), Den Haag Direct

The Rise of the Citizen, Divers Den Haag

6 Degrees Den Haag, Common Action Forum

6 Degrees conference in Vredespaleis, Cineac Den Haag (video)