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“The creative commitment of our Partners makes it possible for us to take the lead in exploring new pathways for dynamic citizenship.”

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson & John Ralston Saul
City of Toronto


6 Degrees would not be possible without the ongoing support of an extraordinary group of civic leaders and visionaries from across Canada. These individuals are demonstrating their commitment from the very start. We would also like to acknowledge our Founding Circle Members who have requested to remain anonymous. Merci profondément.

Christine Armstrong & Irfhan Rawji
Founding Visionaries
Christine Armstrong &
Irfhan Rawji
Dr. Munira & Dr. Kabir Jivraj
Founding Visionaries
Dr. Munira &
Dr. Kabir Jivraj
Zai & Riaz Mamdani
Founding Visionaries
Zai &
Riaz Mamdani
Judy & Wilmot Matthews
Founding Visionaries
Judy &
Wilmot Matthews
Sandra & Jim Pitblado
Founding Visionaries
Sandra &
Jim Pitblado
Frances & Tim Price
Founding Visionaries
Frances &
Tim Price
Cristina & Manuel DaCosta
Cristina &
Manuel DaCosta
Enza & Joseph Mancinelli
Founding Connectors
Enza &
Joseph Mancinelli
Najla & Mohammad Al Zaibak
Founding Connectors
Najla &
Mohammad Al Zaibak
Wynn & Dr. Bill Bensen
Founding Patrons
Wynn &
Dr. Bill Bensen
Trina McQueen
Founding Patron
Trina McQueen
Ydessa Hendeles
Founding Patron
Ydessa Hendeles
Event Partner
Keynote Lunch

“L’ICC est la somme de nos partenaires et nos partisans. Notre travail est enraciné dans leurs ambitions pour le Canada.”

Charlie Foran, CEO

We are building something important together. We welcome the chance to widen our base to include more thought leaders and nation builders who likewise value diversity and inclusion practices, and who agree that it is time for Canada to take the lead.

We would be delighted to connect with anyone who is interested in supporting 6 Degrees.

Kimberley Gadwah
Head of Development
Chef du développement,
Institute for Canadian Citizenship