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Monday, November 11, 2019
Museo de Arte Popular
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6 Degrees is the global forum for inclusion, and a project of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. The Canada-based initiative challenges our unsettled age, and works to counter growing divisions in society by providing forums for conversations and action on inclusion, diversity, and citizenship. 6 Degrees features public forums that take place around the world, and will launch in Mexico with this inaugural edition of 6 Degrees Ciudad de México, in partnership with  Fundación Reinventando a México (FRaM).

As the country, and indeed the world, experience enormous challenges during these divisive times, collective and urgent actions are required to turn these challenges into opportunities. This includes: embracing diversity; fostering inclusive growth; and asserting the rights of minorities, newcomers and immigrants, Indigenous Peoples, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

6 Degrees Ciudad de México 2019 places Mexico at the centre of the global conversation on inclusion, gathering emerging and established international leaders from business, politics, civil society, and the arts to discover connections, share best practices, workshop challenges, and make positive change.

Through unique models of dialogue, and hands-on, tactics-focused sessions, 6 Degrees gatherings build policy ideas, calls to action, tools for engagement, and new, unexpected partnerships between participants.

Our full day of conversation and action features:

– Unique, transformative conversations in our signature 360 in-the-round sessions
– Tactical change-making opportunities in multidisciplinary small-group exchange
– More than 15 featured speakers, including influential international voices and high-profile local leaders
– Ample opportunities throughout 6 Degrees to influence the conversations and action
– Coalition and capacity building with grassroots activists, artists, change-makers, and leaders from governments and businesses from around the world
– Multiple cultural and artistic interventions and performances
– Real tools and action on the most pressing issues of our time
– Simultaneous Spanish-English interpretation will be provided for sessions that take place on the main stage.



09:00 – 09:30
Welcome and Opening Circle

09:30 – 11:00
360: Where We Stand
These are turbulent times. To cope, it can feel easier to put up walls, take sides, and focus on what divides us. Yet, in Mexico and around the world, we all hope for the same things: thriving families, healthy communities, and resilient societies. Our strength is in listening to and learning from each other, embracing difference, and working together to achieve common goals.

What does inclusion mean? Whose voices count and how do we create an environment where women, minority groups, refugees, Indigenous Peoples, and members of the LGBTQ+ community feel empowered to participate equally as citizens of the world?

In these days of division, what are we doing to embrace the diversity all around us?

Genaro Lozano (Mexico) – Analyst, academic, and activist
Sopitas (Francisco Alanís) (Mexico) – Entrepreneur, journalist, and creator of the blog
The Hon. Ratna Omidvar (Canada) – Independent senator representing Ontario in the Senate of Canada and councillor on the World Refugee Council
Irma Pineda (Mexico) – Professor and Zapotec poet
Lidia San José (Spain/Mexico) – Actress and equal rights advocate

11:00 – 11:30

11:30 – 12:45
A. Coffeehouse
For centuries, coffeehouses have been meeting spots for lively debates about current events, politics, art, and culture. To help inform the day’s discussions, the coffeehouse will bring speakers and attendees together in small groups to address some of the most pressing concerns around embracing diversity, the difference between inclusion and integration, building bridges for socio-economic inclusion and designing resilient societies. Have your say in defining the issues and discussing ideas for action.

Abdul-Rehman Malik (Canada), Lecturer at Yale Divinity School, journalist and cultural organizer and Plaqueta (Mexico), journalist, feminist, author

B. Art, Activism and the Culture of Connection
Art, in its many forms, serves more than mere aesthetics. It represents identity and community, dreams and ideals, activism and protest. It captures the spirit and struggles of a time and place, and the fight for freedom of expression, common ground, and human rights. By sharing stories, raising questions, and bearing witness to life and its injustices, artists reflect the times they live in to bridge divides. 

Join this interactive conversation with creators on the power of art to inspire, stimulate, and activate social change.

Deanna Del Vecchio (Canada) – Researcher, educator, activist
Jennifer Clement (U.S./Mexico) – President of PEN International and author
Laura Grizzlypaws (Xwisten Bear Clan/Canada) – Indigenous singer/songwriter, dancer, educator, and cultural advocate
Dorian Ulises López Macías (Mexico) – Photographer and creator of Mexicano
Pambo (Mexico) – Musician, activist

C. Mexico and Canada: An Indigenous perspective on inclusion
Land on which both Mexico and Canada now exist has been inhabited since long before the arrival of Europeans. The identities, community structures, and systems of governance of the many Indigenous groups in both countries bear little resemblance to those imposed by colonizers. The Indigenous philosophies have much to teach us, in particular around how we welcome and include one another.

Join Indigenous philosophers, artists and society leaders from Mexico and Canada for a conversation about what a more inclusive future could look like.

Max FineDay (Sweetgrass First Nation) – Executive director of Canadian Roots Exchange
Yásnaya Aguilar (Mexico) – Linguist, writer, translator, and human rights activist
Natalio Hernández (Mexico) – Educator, poet, essayist
Zoey Roy (Canada) – Activist, performance artist, and educator

12:45 – 13:45

13:45 – 15:30
360: Where We Go
For us to thrive, we must find new approaches to the fundamental questions of belonging, inclusion, and resilience. What is the relationship between diversity and innovation? It’s certain that intentionally inclusive decision-making processes make for stronger institutions, more engaged citizens, and a better served public.

How should we design our institutions and our society to be more inclusive? How can we foster inclusive growth that benefits us all? How best can we harness the power of diversity to make organizations, governments, and communities thrive, and work together to build a more resilient and prosperous Mexico in the 21st century?

Genaro Lozano (Mexico) – Analyst, academic, and activist
Luz Gómez (U.S.) – Director for Latin America, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth
Gladys Sanmiguel Bejarano (Colombia) – Secretary of Social Integration, Office of the Mayor of Bogotá
Gabrielle Scrimshaw (Treaty 10 Territory), CEO of Indvest
Hannah Töpler (Germany), Founder and Director of INTRARE

6 Degrees Presents: Laura Grizzlypaws

16:00 – 17:00
360: What’s Next?
For our final 360, we bring forward key conversations and outcomes from the day of conversations at 6 Degrees Ciudad de México. Calling on any and all in attendance, we open the circle: everyone is a participant, all voices are equal. 

Together, we frame what we’ve discovered as a group, and decide what the next steps should be.

Abdul-Rehman Malik (Canada) – Lecturer at Yale Divinity School, journalist and cultural organizer and Plaqueta (Mexico) – Journalist, feminist, author

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson (Canada) – 26th Governor General of Canada, co-founder and co-chair of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC)
John Ralston Saul (Canada) – Author, essayist, co-founder and co-chair of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC)
Javier López Casarín (Mexico), President, Fundación Reinventando a México (FRaM)
Yasir Naqvi (Canada), Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC)

17:00 – 17:15
6 Degrees Presents: Gay Men’s Chorus of Mexico City


Simultaneous Spanish-English interpretation will be provided for sessions that take place on the main stage.

About our 360s
6 Degrees is anchored by our signature 360s. Closer to lively conversations at a kitchen table, these in-the-round 90-minute experiences seek to dissolve the distinction between on-stage speakers and off-stage audience. At the heart of every 360 is a compelling idea — a concern and challenge — one requiring that we talk it through together and see what we can come up with. You are part of this. Everyone in the space is encouraged to expand the conversation; only then can the circle truly be widened.

About the Institute for Canadian Citizenship 

Powered by a passionate national network, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) encourages active citizenship and inclusion, creates opportunities for Canadians from different backgrounds to connect, and develops research and advocacy to move those goals forward. Our community-focused programming blends tech and arts and culture to deliver our Canoo app that gives new Canadian citizens free access to more than 1400 cultural sites during their first year of citizenship. 6 Degrees extends the reach of the ICC’s work through a global conversation on inclusion and citizenship in the 21st century. The ICC is a national charity co-founded by the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul.

About Fundación Reinventando a México (FRaM) 

Fundación Reinventando a México (FRaM) aims to promote social and technological innovation in Mexico. Presided and founded by entrepreneur Javier López Casarín, FRaM offers spaces for reflection, innovation and discussion of ideas that allow us to shape the development of a better country and the future of Mexico.

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